I am a 19 year-old artist from Oslo, Norway.

I write and produce music from my bedroom. I write music about mental illness, trauma and identity struggles — and about recovery. A lot of my music sounds very sad, but I don't see it that way. Writing about these things help me see them through a different lense, and it helps me understand myself and what i need help with, or at the very least the songs make me feel a little less hopeless and alone about it. If I have written about it, it is probably already a bit lighter on my chest.

I am very passionate about my music and art. It's been a while since I released music, but I have been working on many songs and I hope to release them into world very soon. I hope you'll stick around until then <3

I am trying to be active on instagram and documenting the process, so if you want to follow me there my username is @camillarowemusic